Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where the wild things are...

Things have been super, crazy busy at the moment what with organising the next two Crafternoon-Tea's, making stock to sell at the next two Crafternoon-Tea's, writing school reports, updating blogs and so on! But I love it! I popped around to the Devonport Craft Market on the weekend, which was fantastic, seemed really busy and I loved the massive new sign outside, can't miss that! As usual, I wore out a few of my new creations to see what kind of response they would get and whether or not I should make more. Well Olivia from lilysmakebelieve loved my Max, from Where the Wild Things Are, brooch so much, that I just had to give it to her. Olivia then proceeded to take Max on his own little Wild Adventure, check it out on her blog! Here's a sampling of some of the other items I made, I've already taken an order for 3 of the Facebook badges! Yay!


  1. Looking forward to receive my facebook brooches! :-)

  2. :) So cool! Can't wait for Saturday, I have a stall right? I need to pay eek!!!

  3. Hi! I'd like one of those Max badges... do you do orders?