Sunday, April 25, 2010


Meet Ottavio! Ottavio is a very nervous little guy, with wide eyes trying to watch everyone at once. He needs some little octo friends to keep him company and listen to his worries!

He's my very first little Octopus. I intend to make a whole range of them and then try to make a baby mobile out of them too. The only downside is just how long it takes to make each one! I'd like to try and experiment with different sizes too, I think a large one would look quite cool!

Introducing Rodolfo! Rodolfo is a cheeky little wolf, who likes to sneak around teasing poor Little Red Riding Hood by stealing her cape and wearing it! He thinks he looks quite dashing and isn't sure he wants to give it back!

I've also been experimenting with my hair clips. I've got a penchant for pinwheels, so tried to create a few fabric hairclips.

Here are some smaller ones in different colours.

Some fire engine red ones too. I'd like to make some brooches, rings and hair bands out of these too. I'm attempting to make a variety of different bunting and thought pinwheels could look quite unusual too. What do you think?

Here's a sample of my felt rosette hairclips, I make these in a variety of colours as well as in rings too.
There are lots of other things in the works for Little Bird Designs, including bunting with a twist, Parties in a Box as well as an update on my proposed Craft Domination!

Most of these items will be listed on my Felt store soon, so check back often!

Little Bird :-)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I want a cupboard that looks like this.....
So I can turn into a Craft cupboard that looks like this.... (found here)
Jealous much?! Craft spaces and rooms are hot topics at the moment and there is so much inspiration out there, I thought I'd share some with you! One of my favourites has to be Heather Bailey's, oh my!
The reason craft rooms are fascinating me so much at the moment, is not only do they inspire me, but because I don't have one. Or any workspace really. Our place is so small that our lounge doubles as my workspace, the coffee table is my workbench and it is unorganised and slightly chaotic, I'll post pics soon! But in the meantime, check out these craft spaces:

(Found here.)
I love this idea, small spaces into craft spaces! Kinda makes you look at your fireplace and wardrobes in a different light huh?!

(Found here)

Find out how this clever lady transformed her tiny cupboard into this incredible craft space here.
There's plenty of craft room inspiration out there, and it's certainly got my creative juices flowing, which is fab because in a weeks time I get my very own craft room!!! Talk about excited! Our flatmate is moving out and instead of getting someone else in, her room will become my craft room and guest room. I've already started buying furniture from Trademe, which isn't the smartest move, as there's no where to currently put it!
I'll keep everyone updated with photos as I start to create my new creative space!
What does your creative space look like?
Right, off to the Lucky Penny Crafty Club meeting tonight, come along!
Luisa :-)