Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I want a cupboard that looks like this.....
So I can turn into a Craft cupboard that looks like this.... (found here)
Jealous much?! Craft spaces and rooms are hot topics at the moment and there is so much inspiration out there, I thought I'd share some with you! One of my favourites has to be Heather Bailey's, oh my!
The reason craft rooms are fascinating me so much at the moment, is not only do they inspire me, but because I don't have one. Or any workspace really. Our place is so small that our lounge doubles as my workspace, the coffee table is my workbench and it is unorganised and slightly chaotic, I'll post pics soon! But in the meantime, check out these craft spaces:

(Found here.)
I love this idea, small spaces into craft spaces! Kinda makes you look at your fireplace and wardrobes in a different light huh?!

(Found here)

Find out how this clever lady transformed her tiny cupboard into this incredible craft space here.
There's plenty of craft room inspiration out there, and it's certainly got my creative juices flowing, which is fab because in a weeks time I get my very own craft room!!! Talk about excited! Our flatmate is moving out and instead of getting someone else in, her room will become my craft room and guest room. I've already started buying furniture from Trademe, which isn't the smartest move, as there's no where to currently put it!
I'll keep everyone updated with photos as I start to create my new creative space!
What does your creative space look like?
Right, off to the Lucky Penny Crafty Club meeting tonight, come along!
Luisa :-)


  1. Pretty craft rooms, I am sure true crafters rooms dont stay so neat.

  2. i would love a any sort of craft room! our small house is always covered in pices of fabric, beads, wool, its really like one big craft room,- much to my fathers horror!
    hope your new craft room can fit ll you crafty bits and bobs!